Author Solutions titles honored as Kirkus Best Indie Books of 2014

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With the year almost coming to an end, look through the list of 2014 books to see what you would be interested in reading. Being a better writer means keeping up with your reading!

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Once again, this year a number of books published through Author Solutions imprints received recognition from Kirkus Reviews as the best books of 2014 on their Indie list. Those titled honored were:

  • “Stein House” by Myra Hargrave McIlvain (iUniverse)
  • “Tales of a Country Doctor” by Paul Carter (Xlibris)
  • “Whirlwind & Storm” by Charles E. Farnsworth (iUniverse)
  • “An Adirondack Life” by Brian M. Freed (AuthorHouse)
  • “ A Century on New Brunswick’s N.W. Mmichiira” (Xlibris)
  • “Playing Until Dark” by John R. Alberts (AuthorHouse)

Each book has been awarded with the Kirkus Star from Kirkus Reviews, which is arguably one of the most trusted and respected sources for book discovery since 1933. The Kirkus’ Indie program began in 2005, when the editors wanted to expand their coverage to include the fastest-growing segment in the book industry—self-publishing. The program gives self-published authors the opportunity to earn critical acclaim from one of the most prestigious reviews…

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New Outskirts Press White Paper to Aid Authors in their Choice to Publish Independently

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This is a good article to read for anyone that is thinking of self-publishing. I intend on submitting to a traditional e-book publisher as well as self-publish some of my unique work. It’s good to see what type of publishing is good for you.

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While self-publishing has gained popularity in recent years, it remains a mysterious process to many authors. Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing self-publishing service provider, has released a free, downloadable white paper designed to help new and traditionally published authors decide whether self-publishing is right for them.

Getting a book to publication is a complex process, one that has driven many talented authors to solicit traditional publishing houses to publish their works, or has kept already published authors from considering independent publishing. Often, it’s fear of the unknown and a desire for author support that keeps traditional publishers in business. But there are distinct advantages to self-publishing that new authors – or authors who are cuDiving into Self-Publishing?rrently traditionally published – should consider: With self-publishing, authors enjoy much higher royalties, greater creative control and as much or as little support as they feel they need during the publication process.

Outskirts Press has released…

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Finish the story– White Knight

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This is an amazing article. With the picture prompts that I have been attempting to send each week, you should try this “Finish the Story” flash fiction to practice your writing. You will love it.

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The Monday Finish the Story flash fiction challenge, 100 – 150 words based on the following picture–

and the initial sentence “They say that life is a game of chess…”

I noticed something about the picture and went with it….

“They say that life is a game of chess,” said the Black Queen.

“Yes,” replied the White King. “Order, hierarchy, everyone in their place, according to their assigned roles. “

“And, then,” said the White Queen, “the clash of opposing forces, the constant of competition, the subtle machinations of the powerful, the maneuverings that produce victory or defeat….”

“It is how life itself is,” the Black King intoned. “We are but its noble reflection.”

“Let us begin the battle…,” said the Black Queen.

“Wait just a minute!” cried the White King.

“What is it, my lord?” said the White Queen.

“Where the bloody hell is my knight?” the White…

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Picture Prompt – Education

I am not sure about you but going back to school is a challenge. During my time in night school for the past few months, trying to concentrate on your writing, your school work and your daily life routine puts some stress on you.

Have you ever met with an educational challenge? Write a paragraph or two of your most challenging time in school, whether it was high school, college, university or while learning a trade.

Tell us your story.

Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

Picture Prompt – Seasons

Sometimes when writing a story, you are so engrossed in it that you neglect really describing the season to the reader for him or her to fully understand where the character is. To mention the temperature or what’s around them sometimes isn’t enough. Elaborating on the surroundings gives the character a better view.

Write a paragraph or two of the season you find your character. My personal favorite is summer and I have a tendency of writing my stories in that season.

What can you come up with?

Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

Picture Prompt – Props

When you’re writing, you have to describe props in your story.

What is your character carrying or does your character have an eccentric or “different” way of dressing.

The picture that is shown is a hat that someone who likes the Lollita style likes to wear.

Can you describe the accessory?

Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

Book Review: Magick Weaved On A Samhain Eve by VJ Chisholm

Title: Magick Weaved On A Samhain Eve
Author: VJ Chisholm
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Reviewer: Jennifer Andrew



Alexia was feeling awkward about having to tell the rest of the women in her coven how inactive she was in the intimacy dept. and she was hoping things would change soon. She was a picky woman but why shouldn’t she be? The last thing Alexia wanted was to be someone’s play toy. She had a gift of turning men on and leaving them craving her touch but couldn’t she have a meaningful and flirtatious relationship with a man who meant more to her than a frivolous sexual affair?

The story plays out like one of those fun housewives reality shows where women are sitting around either trying to help solve your problem or blaming you for causing the problem in the first place. It’s a delight to see the coven treat each other in a sisterly manner instead of like most stories where the witches are plotting the demise of the whole town or the men who had deceived them. This storyline has a sensual feel to it where the reader is going to delve deep into the characters and especially what happens to Alexia. I find it humorous that one of the most important discussions of the day had to do with the last time the women got laid.

Samhain Eve (known also as Halloween) became one of the most enticingly hot night of the year. The reader gets over excited to see what a few single, horny women can do to entertain themselves. It’s refreshing to see how men aren’t the only ones allowed to satisfy their sexual appetites.

The plot is exciting and in a way a little mysterious. When Wiccan women decide that they are going to be mischievous, you don’t know what kind of trouble they are going to concoct, especially in a quaint place like a bed and breakfast establishment.

The dialogue is smart and humorous, which gives the characters life and personality. The conversation between Alexia and her spirit lover, Lance, will make any reader smile at how they go about teasing each other. Alexia is a strong female character who is open minded, adventurous and sexual in nature, which makes her lovable but playful as well. Her conjured lover is handsome, with a take charge attitude, but he soon finds out that she is the one in control and soon takes back her sexual power over him.

The author focuses on the characters and let’s the story play itself out. She takes a simple concept of finding sexual gratitude and freedom and broadens it into a story of longing and intimacy. You are going to love this story of supernatural sex and witchcraft. You will soon believe that you could wish for your own divine paranormal sexual visitor in your bed, fulfilling all your fantasies.

Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer