Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Glen Michael Morgan

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I have my reservations with self-publishing but sometimes it works for some people.

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Each week, we celebrate one of our successful self-publishing authors in our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight. This week Outskirts Press proudly features Glen Michael Morgan, author of a remarkable non-fiction that recounts one woman’s true tale of survival against the odds.

When a reader finds himself immersed in the world created by a talented author, it’s easy to forget the person behind the captivating tale. Not so with Glen’s work—and that’s a good thing! With Recovery Turns Rescue, Glen weaves a dramatic story of calamity and salvation — that just happens to be true! Learn more about Glen Michael Morgan and his riveting memoir in this week’s Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.Glen Michael MorganABOUT THE AUTHOR:
An accomplished professional speaker and published author, Glen Michael Morgan brings his heart and soul to this true story of survival. In this extraordinary memoir, he and his wife Connie share their words, and those of their daughter Kristin, on her…

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Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters, Mallory Ortberg

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I think this is a pretty cool concept.

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Last month, I was diligent about my research. I read a lot, but it was almost entirely a fact seeking mission, and quite frankly, it was exhausting. Don’t get me wrong – the books were incredible, and I’m so glad I took the time to read and take notes from them, but I also wish I hadn’t put so much off to the last minute that I was forced into such a rigorous schedule. As it is, we still have plenty to do before this baby arrives, and I don’t have much energy for anything – even reading delicious fiction – but I did find a book (at the beautiful new library that opened a couple of months ago right down the street – am I excited about this? Yes!) that was prefect for all the evenings I was sitting in a line of cars waiting to pick my husband…

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What We’re Reading This Week

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I like when people make an effort to show you what new books is out there that you should give a chance to read.

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love may fail jessica


love may failLove May Fail by Matthew Quick

“Matthew Quick first came to my attention with Silver Lining’s Playbook, although I had been wanting to read something by him for a while.Love May Fail, Matthew Quick’s upcoming new novel, tells the story of a woman who decides to leave her husband and ends up moving back in with her mother, who lives in New Jersey. Her mother suffers from mental illness, which expresses itself in a number of ways, including hoarding. The woman decides to go looking for her high school English teacher, who inspired her to write, as the first step to embarking on a writing career. I’m not that far in, but I’m really loving it!” Love May Fail comes out June 16. Pre-order now!


silmarillionThe Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien

“I am just past the creation story, which is the first little part…

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Time’s A-Wasting: Submit Your Work Now for Consideration for Fandemonium 5

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If you’ve got short stories, recipes, poetry and other short, as-yet-unpublished works the world should see, it’s not too late to get the ball rolling on getting them published. Outskirts Press is accepting submissions from its Facebook fans of short literary works to be included in Fandemonium Volume 5, through April 30.

Fandemonium has become an anticipated annual tradition for the self-publishing community. This unique crowdsourcing effort is a collection of superior writing from the Outskirts Press Facebook community that always proves popular among readers. Not only that, but the profits provide much-needed funding to a worthy cause. So, once again, Outskirts Press is calling out to that community online for contributions of short literary works for the annual Fandemonium anthology, slated to hit the bookshelves this summer.

The annual Fandemonium compilation includes a variety of works: short stories, poetry and other short-form literary works submitted by fans of…

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The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Still Doesn’t Care About Your Band

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The basic tenets of sketch comedy prescribe a commitment to bizarre choices and the exploration of new worlds from unusual perspectives. InI Don’t Care About Your Band, Julie Klausner demonstrates an extraordinary dedication to her comedic craft by applying those same fundamentals of humor to her romantic life. This strategy, like any comedy performance, proves to be intermittently effective, but, when it hits, it hits hard. Klausner, who professes to “love men like it is [her] job,” has survived relationships with indie rockers, trust funders, pornographers, felons, hipsters, and at least one genuinely insane person, and, while she may not have made it through completely unscathed, she has generated enough emotional fallout and neurosis to fuel her writing for the rest of her life. I Don’t Care About Your Band documents a unique quest for love, success, and acceptance and the malarkey everyone has to put up with…

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New Books! 4/14/15

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HARDCOVER FICTION The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Berg has written a lush historical novel based on the sensuous Parisian life of the nineteenth-century writer George Sand–which is perfect for readers of Nancy Horan and Elizabeth Gilbert. Paris in the nineteenth century comes vividly…

The Importance of a Good Book Cover

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Regardless of the content of your book, a thoughtful, beautifully crafted cover will play an integral role in the success of your book. Many a self-published author (and many traditionally published authors as well!) lament that, while they poured their soul into every precious word, they didn’t give enough attention to the package. Well, looks matter.

Not convinced? Think about how you make buying decisions in your local supermarket. Perhaps you’re trying a new soup or selecting wine to go with dinner. How did you choose? Odds are it was an eye-catching label that drove you to pick up certain brands. Maybe you read a couple product descriptions, and then you placed the prettiest among them in your cart.

Readers choose books in much the same way. While they usually do read book summaries to help them make a decision, how do they decide which summaries to read in the…

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