Wonder Woman ’77 Special Graphic Novel

I freaked out when I realized that this graphic novel or comic book as some would call it, was in existence.  Wonder Woman ’77 Special has several stories from the classic days of the Wonder Woman television series.  The art is true to form and it looks so much like Lynda Carter.

wonder woman

I grew up with Wonder Woman and I never missed a showing of the television series each week.  With shows like Charlie’s Angels and Bionic Woman, it was the days where women were put in position of strength, intelligence and importance.  They weren’t left by the sidelines being secretaries or nurses any more, but they were crime fighters and bringers of justice.  She is an icon, a strong woman who anyone can look up to.  She stands for Justice, truth and standing up for, not only yourself but for others.

ww page

The first issue has a couple of stories in it and once you start reading, you can’t put the book down.  I was amazed at how brilliant the colors were and how exciting the stories were.  It was just like watching the good old Woman Woman episodes you loved as a youth.  The cover is amazing and it shows exactly how she was back in the day.  The pages are good quality and thick so it is definitely worth your money.  Issue #2 is out and I can’t wait to ready the next instalments.

At the end of the book is a history of the show Wonder Woman and the future of the iconic superhero. An action movie with the famous character, Wonder Woman, is going to appear in the 2016 movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and then we are going to be lucky enough to witness her very own movie coming June 2017.  I really hope Hollywood does her justice and depicts her as the awesome, strong, intelligent character that she is.

Not all men are heroes, women are heroes too!

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer

Book Club Corner Picks – November

Jenn Andrew:

I like when people take their time to share books that can be of interest to other book lovers.

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book club

Welcome to our Book Club Corner, where each month we highlight books new to paperback we think would make perfect picks for your next book club discussion. If you’re looking to join a book club, we host a wide variety of free, bookseller-run book clubs right here at BookPeople. Join us! We love to talk books.

Featured Books of the Month:

The Marauders by Tom Cooper  Available November 3rd

Tom Cooper’s debut novel is a crime noir set in the Louisiana bayou. But this regional mystery stands out for it’s stylistic prose, and cast of nearly insane characters.  Gus Lindquist is a pill-addicted, one-armed treasure hunter obsessed with finding the lost treasure of pirate Jean Lafitte. His quest brings him into contact acouple of small-time criminal potheads prone to hysterical banter, the smooth-talking oil company middleman out to bamboozle his own mother, some drug-smuggling psychopath twins, and a young man…

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Shield The Calvary

The one thing I enjoy is having one of my favourite shows turned into literature. When Agents of Shield populated the television network, I was willing to give it a chance because I enjoy the action, fantasy comic hero based show and I love Marvel.  For the first season, we were kept in the dark on why Agent May was the Calvary.  In the last season, we were given more information about her history and background as a Shield Agent.

Now that the comic has come out, it makes reading about her past all that more enjoyable.  Although I am a big fan of books, I also enjoy reading comic books as it is only a visual part of reading.  For me, reading any literature whether in a novel, in a graphic novel or a non fiction, is a great form of reading enjoyment.

In this special 50 Years of Shield issue with Agent Melinda May, The Cavalry, the page starts off as a police file showing her code name and status.  The issue is about Agent May bringing out some new recruits for some rough training out in the field but it doesn’t go as planned.

The Calvary - Shield - inside

It’s refreshing to read about a strong female character and good to see more of them on television.  Times have changed where women are in leading roles, both in action and superhero fiction.

Jennifer Andrew
Book Reviewer and Freelance Writer


The Toronto Word on the Street was a success yet again!

word on the street

This year it was hosted at The Harbourfront, from last year’s location from Queen’s Park.  I have to admit that some people were not impressed at the new location and hoped that it would only be temporary.  The booths were a little congested which made it seem more crowded than usual, but some events were held in the buildings.  The indie writers had the opportunity to be seen more instead of being left near the food trucks as in previous years.  The booths were closer and they received more exposure.

This is a great festival for anyone who loves literature and exposure to Canadian authors.  The weather was great and you had the opportunity to speak first hand to aspiring and veteran authors.  There were good sales and also graphic novelists sharing their work.

This type of festival is also good for the youth and volunteering.  For parents with high school children who require his or her 40 hours of volunteering to graduate, The Word on the Street is a great way to bank in some hours.  Before, during and after the festival, volunteers are needed for every step of the way to make this festival as great as it is.

This is my fourth year volunteering with Word on the Street.  I started volunteering with my daughter in order for her to receive some volunteer hours and now we both love volunteering.  For the last three years, I volunteered at the Information Booth which was quite busy.  I helped many people find where they had to go and provided maps, guides and merchandise.  I purchased a great Word on the Street T-shirt that promoted the reading of books instead of watching TV all the time.

vibrant voices of ontario tent 2015

This year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Vibrant Voices of Ontario tent.  Many authors came out to read a passage from his or her book as well as answer questions about their books.

If you are interested in how the event was so successful this year, check out this link:  Word on the Street Sept 2015

Jennifer Andrew
Book Reviewer, Blogger and Freelance Writer


My apologies for being away from my website and neglecting the readers who have stuck by me to read my work and urge me to continue on.  I have had many personal issues in the last several months but would like to say that I hope to make up for it.

When I was younger I was much into my comic books but I had set them aside for in depth novels.  I have come to realize that those comic books and graphic novels still holds some great material.  The good thing about the graphic novels and series is that you don’t have to make your way through a 300 page novel, but have a taste of a small adventure.  If it is a continuous series, you are excited to wait and see what comes next.

In the recent weeks, I have delved into some new hobbies that have helped me get through some of my family strife.  The world of steampunk is becoming fascinating to me, as I like the Victorian era and the gears and mechanics that look so cool together.  One such work is by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel in a series called Lady Mechanika.

Lady Mechanika No. 1 – The Tablet of Destinies
Created by Joe Benitez
Story by M.M. Chen
Art by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel

lady M

I like the strong female lead character in this series.  Lady Mechanika happens to be the sole survivor of a mad scientist’s horrible experiments, which left her with mechanical limbs – hence the name.  Working as a private investigator, she solves cases the authorities can’t or won’t handle but she never stops looking for her own answers.  The series is set in a fictionalized steampunk turn of the century England.

In the first issue, at first glance, you believe that the story is about researchers and archaeological explorers out to seek knowledge and to locate a rare item or possibly something else.  There is more to the story as someone’s life is in danger.  Lady Mechanika not only has to save that person’s life but she must do it while solving this mystery.

There is a lot of excitement that keeps you reading until the last page and the artwork is so vibrant and very professional.

There are six issues in the series for The Tablet of Destinies so look out for the rest.

For more artwork and information about this brilliant series, check out the website http://www.joebenitez.com.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer






Required Reading Revisited Book Club – July

Jenn Andrew:

I enjoyed reading this novel in high school. It gave me a better understanding on how the author represented human morals and ethics.

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In The Required Reading Revisited Book Club we focus on books considered “Required Reading” by most educational institutions, i.e. books you read (or were supposed to read) in school – either high school or university.

On Sunday, June 14th we discussed Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness .

The meeting was intimate, with only four people in attendance, and due to ongoing construction on the 3rd floor, we had no lights! Only the filtered light through the windows that looked out onto overcast and thundering skies. It was enough to see by so we sat around and discussed Conrad’s journey into the Congo and treatise on imperialism in semi-darkness. It was appropriate.

What we all agreed on was that Part III was much easier to get through than either Part I or Part II. And while Conrad’s commentary on imperialism is important, and probably still relevant, it’s difficult to divorce…

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Author Poll: Writer Yvonne Cloete wants your help with her cover

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Yvonne Cloete is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

See the Gift, Not the Curse, is a phrase I’ve consistently used while learning that Earth’s curriculum is indeed a fixed duality.

At first, I considered every single thing that happened in my life as a curse. I saw it as me being punished for “something” because I felt “not good enough,” abandoned and not loved.

I was in a constant state of separation, of loneliness, of fear of what others would think of me. I gave more and more of myself, being who they wanted me to be for them, so they would love me, and not abandon me.

With the help from many teachers, guides and loved ones in the natural and in spiritual form, I began to take a serious look at what I was thinking and…

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