Dead Set, by Richard Kadrey

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It would be difficult to say if I would like a chance to see a dead loved one. It would have taken me forever to move on and being able to see him or her again, I would probably break down all over again. I think when it comes to death, it should be final after all.

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setSo, what would you give for the chance to see a dead loved one again? How about seeing them at the significant times in their lives, times you couldn’t possibly have known about? What about the chance to talk with them in their afterworld? Sixteen-year-old Zoe discovers that the price may be far more than she believed possible.

Zoe’s father died unexpectedly.  Not only has she lost her beloved dad, his life insurance company has declared that he never existed (at least in their files). She and her mom are forced to move from their familiar home to a cramped urban apartment while Zoe’s mom searches for work. Zoe has a history of cutting and drug use, so her mom is always on her back.

Her sole consolation is a young man she regularly sees in her dreams. Valentine is like a brother to her, and the tree fort they hang…

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Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week

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Nobody Wants My Resume

by Donald L. Mancha

Price: $14.95

Donald L. Mancha’s “Nobody Wants My Resume.” As a hilarious parody of life inside the corporation, Donald maintains his sanity against the stultifying onslaughts of corporate bureaucracy and emerges as a triumph of individual resourcefulness over corporate authority. It is sacrilegious, entertaining, very human – and very funny.

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The Sinful Man by Keith Rommel

Author of The Cursed Man & The Lurking Man from the critically acclaimed psychological horror series. The Cursed Man is coming soon as a major motion picture.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Sunbury Press has released Keith Rommel’s 3rd installment of the Thanatology series – The Sinful Man

About the Book:
Headaches. Hunger. Pain.
Leo needs something . . . his stomach growls, but it can wait. That’s not hunger he must feed. He has to get to his next high, but without money he knows he can’t buy what he needs to sate the voice inside telling him to get more, get more.

Voices. Visions. Addiction.
No luck asking his father. His mother is in no position to help. After failing to steal the money he desperately needs, Leo must appeal to his dealer, the dangerous and infamous Saint Nick—despite the inevitable beating he’ll take for showing up empty-handed. Still, anything to keep the voices and flashbacks at bay . . .

Demons. Addiction. Death.
Leo soon learns that everything has a price—not just money for drugs, but that every choice he makes has a repercussion. Suddenly caught between a world where he can see the sins of his past and a new consciousness that he doesn’t fully understand, Leo finds himself not only chasing the dragon, but being chased by demons of a whole different kind. He must learn the finality of being past hope—all while reliving his missed opportunities for second chances—and truly come to understand that he is responsible for his own undoing before he runs out of time. After a lifetime of bad choices, this Sinful Man discovers the consequences to his actions and the mortal responsibility of exercising free will.

What others are saying:
“Downright chilling. Rommel has woven another nightmare that will haunt your days and nights!” — Hunter Shea, author of The Montauk Monster and The Waiting
“Reading late into the night, this had me wanting more… and dreading it.” — Catherine Jordan, author of Seeking Samiel
From the very beginning of The Sinful Man, Keith Rommel grabs the reader by the throat and catapults him into a world where the reader’s own pounding heart screams that nowhere is safe. –Thomas M. Malafarina, author of Dead Kill – Book 1 – The Ridge of Death
The Sinful Man
Authored by Keith Rommel

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Friday Fiction Round Up

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So I finished Dragons and Dirigibles last week, which I enjoyed, though some of the plot seemed a bit rushed and more told than shown.  It had a MASSIVE twist at the end for another pair I’ve been shipping since book 4, so that left me flailing and Facebook stalking Cindy Spencer Pape to confirm that, yes, that pair are the subject of book 8, coming out in September.

I also kind of gave up on Beautiful Chaos.  I got about half through it in audio.  The narrator is great.  I’ve enjoyed him in the earlier books in the series.  I just…kind of don’t care anymore.  I wasn’t invested in the characters, and there are only so many ways you can essentially say that the shero broke the world.  Maybe it’s because I waited so long between finishing the first two and coming back, but I just…couldn’t…

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Back to Beginnings

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I remember when I started my book. I was happy when I finished the first draft and now I am on to the editing.

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Beginnings are exciting, and I’ve already mentioned that I have a lot of them ahead of me. Beginning of postgrad life, beginning of work, beginning of moving out on my own… but the most important of them all is that for me, tonight is the beginning of a new book.  My new project is something I’m more excited about than I’ve ever been for a project before – partly because I love the idea, and partly because I know so much more about writing, about crafting stories, than I ever have before.  That’s what happens when you spend time working at something, you get better.

I’ve written about beginnings before.  I’ve talked about how they’re sometimes the hardest part, how getting up and starting something, getting into a routine, can be difficult.  But beginnings can be exciting too.

Sometimes beginnings can be easier than anything else – we’re free, we can start from…

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Don’t Play It Safe

Some new writers like to write safe. When I write, sometimes I think too much about what people will think of me as a writer and not so much about the story I am trying to produce.

Take Game of Thrones. I think it is a roller coaster ride of crazy and the writers are far from creating storylines that send us to great heights and back. With each episode, no character (favorite, main or otherwise) is safe from the pen of the writer. They are there to surprise us, shock us and devastate us in ways we cannot imagine.

My writing is too safe. If I can capture a percentage of the wild ride we go through each week from the awesome series, then my piece of work will astound my readers.

Try to walk the fine line. Don’t be too safe. Venture out into the dark to find some light to lead the way to your masterpiece.

Let’s see what you can do to turn your writing into a real state of the art.

Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

Writing Places Prompt

I know that sometimes I would like a dedicated place to sit and write.

I have written in the library, McDonalds and at coffee shops.

Tell a story about where you like to write and either get your inspiration from or just like the atmosphere where it all gets created.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer