What Book Editors Want

Starting on my novel writing venture, I went about trying to find out what is popular on the market.  As vampire and paranormal storylines are always popular, what are book editors looking for nowadays?

In the January issue of The Writer, they interview 8 book editors to find out what they are interested in seeing on the bookshelves this year.

A strong voice and a distinct point of view is what will get you noticed.  I recently found my voice and was able to revise my point of view issues and stabilize with my main characters.

Fresh original ideas are also, what the editors want to see.  Even though you are taking off an idea that’s been around since the beginning of time such as vampires, if you work with it in an original spin, you’ll catch their attention.  I have an original idea that doesn’t involve vampires but something in the science fiction genre.

Getting an agent is an issue with some book editors, but with self-publishing and being able to approach publishing houses yourself, found in The Writer’s Market, it’s hard to dedicate your time to finding an agent.  If I every hit it big, then maybe at that point an agent would be right for me.

Basically, if your writing is well written, with a fresh idea and a different style, you will stand out and be noticed.


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