Reference Material

When I heard that you should keep a set of references to aid in your writing, I thought that since I was on my way to completing my diploma that there was no need of having any extra references.  Since then, I learned that having as many reference material as you can goes a long way in helping you.  With my writing magazines, which hold updated material on a month to month basis, the help of online resources are also a great advantage.

A Writer’s Kit was something that I learned about.  In this kit, you should have what it takes to make you feel prepared to write.  Besides the notebook you carry around with you for stray ideas, your trusty pen, your computer or netbook, and among other tools of the writing trade, there was also talk of reference books.

I call the small library in my room my writing shelf since it holds many books from my dictionary, my thesaurus and style books to my books on science fiction and fantasy world creations, medieval worlds and terminology.  It started to become a “thing” with me as I collected these books.  It became fun to see what types of books I could get my hands on.

I have a vampire and monster encyclopedia, books on witchcraft and even books on dreams, the tarot and psychology books on how the mind works.  You never know what kind of material you’re going to need in your writing, especially when your genre of choice is science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance.

In the act of writing, you find out more about yourself and it opens up worlds you never thought you were interested in pursuing before.

Stock up on reference material, I say.  It holds a storehouse of information and it broadens the mind.



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