I subscribe to both of the biggest writing magazines – The Writer and Writer’s Digest and I’ve read that when writing a book, you don’t necessarily have to start from the beginning to the end.  If you have a spark of an idea that gets you started in the middle, then take the chance and write away!

I tried that and ideas came.  I wrote spurts of events from different parts of the book but now I am at a stand still and can’t wrap my head around competing the rest of the book.  Therefore, I’m going to back to the beginning where I have one of my inserts and go from there.  I can see that somewhere down the line, I will write some exerts of my story but ultimately I will switch back to writing from beginning to end.

I like genre writing – paranormal, romance, science fiction and contemporary.  I wish I had the confidence to have started my writing when I was younger because I probably would have been published by now.  I was a closet writer, keeping my work to myself and afraid of submitting it to anyone, but I realize that I want my voice to be heard and I hope my readers will like my work.

I started my public writing on the internet by writing volunteer for several websites so I could get used to deadlines and learning about the publishing industry from the online standpoint.  After spending a lot of time writing for other people on websites that didn’t end up lasting for long, in 2006, I started my own website and had a few writers volunteer writing for me – Femme VIP (www.femmevip.com).  It’s still running and I have just over 100 subscribers to the site and just over 200 readers at any given moment.

From there, I went on to write two blogs, this one and Within the fine Print and as you know, I’m writing a book as well.  I also have a twitter account, which I post on a daily basis some tidbit of information I think people should know about.  It’s easy when you have a blackberry as I can tweet on the go.

It’s difficult to keep writing since I also have other projects on the go that I need for financial support besides my full time job.

I hope to be successful in the publishing industry, if I stick to it and I hope people like what I read and take something with them.


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