The Word on the Street

Attending The Word on the Street for the first time at Queen’s Park on Saturday, September 25 was amazing! I was a volunteer at the Wellesley Street Information Booth, wearing my bright red volunteer shirt and I was nervous at first, when we had so many people asking us questions, but I calmed down afterwards.

There were questions on which authors were doing readings and where he or she would be located, questions on the locations of publishers and event booths and also simple questions like where were the ATM machines and food trucks.

We also sold Word on the Street merchandise, which was awesome.  I purchased many buttons on reading and books as well as several books myself.

The Harlequin booth and Scholastic book booths were there, as well as the booth for Dummies and the Ontario Science Centre.  There were new authors selling their first books and many events for kids and people of all ages.

If you missed out this year, I strongly suggest you take in the festival next year!

You can get all the information you need at

See you next year.


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