When I’m writing, I like to have my fantasy figurines around me to write. I enjoy writing fantasy and paranormal and to have my warrior, with her dragon sitting in front of me, it makes me feel creative.

It’s great being a writer and creating worlds, characters, plots and being in charge of how everything happens in your “world”.


4 responses to “Inspirations

  1. This book has a lot of practical information for the beginning fantasy author to get inspired, get motivated, and get writing. Lots of introductory principles to learn and apply, and great examples from popular pieces of literature. More targeted at younger readers referencing mainly well known and young adult titles, it can still be a benefit for beginning fantasy writers of any age.

  2. My specific advice would be: Don’t do it! I generally put a more positive spin on it (who wants to buy a book from a self-deprecating whiner?), but since this is a site of fantasy writers I don’t want to encourage anyone to make the same mistakes. To be brutally honest, I’d have been better off letting the manuscript sit in a drawer. That way it would have a better chance in the future. I had planned on expanding Fairy Senses into a series, but I haven’t made enough money from the sales of book one to justify writing the following books. And although the sales are reasonable for a self-published book, they are not high enough to attract a major publisher. A worse problem is that I think having self-published a book may actually be hurting my chances of getting an agent for my next book – many agents view that as a bit of a red flag in a new client, unless the book sells 2,000 copies.

  3. The first thing that you notice about Skyrim is the astounding beauty that Bethesda has created within its virtual world. From the snowcapped mountains to the open valleys, Skyrim doesn’t disappoint with its visual power. I’ve found it to be a great source of inspiration for fantasy writing.

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