When To Write

I read an inspiring article in The Writer Magazine for the August 2012 issue written by Kathy Leonard Czepiel about the infamous writing advice “You must write every day”.

As a single mother, I felt guilty that I could not write every day. With a full time job, looking after a child after my separation and going back to night school, I tried to keep my writing in the foreground. I didn’t let my writing talents go to waste as I created my own monthly website so I could write on my time, I submitted some articles to on-line websites on my time and I currently submit book reviews to several sites on my time.

Kathy Czepiel writes about working to your schedule and not going by the advice of so many authors who became successful. You don’t have to write every day, just stay disciplined and write when you can. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable and not feel forced.

She was 46 when her first book was in the bookstores and that makes me feel like I can do it too. A Violet Season was published by Simon & Schuster and this gives me hope. I have written so many ideas down, to which I am going to pursue, and like my earlier article, I just finished my first book and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Sometimes, as new writers, we try to take advice from the writers who have made it and we try to learn from them. That’s great but also try to remember your originality and see what you can bring to the industry. Publishers are always looking for fresh material and even if you don’t write everyday like me and a few other writers, the important thing is that you have the passion to write.


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