I don’t know if I’m ready for vlogging (video blogging). Sometimes I think that it’s something left for the younger crowd but apparently it’s a good marketing tool.

Tips would be to only vlog for 5 minutes and talk about yourself and something that is interesting to the reader.

If I started vlogging, then I would promote my website first and then incorporate my writing into it. The website has several subjects I could talk about – movies, books, fashion, relationships and then lead into my books. My website is a part of me and therefore a part of my writing.

I would have to get over the discomfort of being in front of a web cam. I’m used to writing in solitude so transforming my thoughts to a visual form would be a challenge.

It may be something that I will move forward on, but until now it’s the written word on paper and promoting my works through Twitter and Facebook.

J. Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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