Making Short Stories Come Alive

If you write and don’t have access to a writing magazine yet, then you’re missing out. I subscribe to both The Writer and Writer’s Digest because I couldn’t decide on what was better since they both have great advice.

In the August issue of The Writer, there was an article by Linda McCullough Moore who provided you with 12 tips to help your short stories be successful.

I particularly liked tip #2; “Let your characters be themselves”. Now that might seem crazy and you might think that since you’re the writer, shouldn’t you be telling the story? But I know what she’s talking about.

During my story entitled Seriously Single, it is about three friends from college trying to find love. My characters were never meant to have feelings for each other, since they all had outside love interests but now it may turn into a love triangle and I am excited on how it will turn out. It’s mindboggling when you think your pen or computer keyboard can make you produce works that you’re not even aware of. It’s like magic is taking place.

Tip #7 also got my attention – “Always tell two stories”. You may have a main character, but what also drives your story is the fact that you can make another character’s opinion meld in the story. Maybe the characters know each other or maybe their lives are affected some way by the other. In my Seriously Single piece, I delve into the personal lives of all three college friends, as they make their way through their lives, until they meet up with each other again. Some of my chapters got good reviews on

I agree with tip #12, Always work on several stories at one time. I think you should have several works on the go. This helps with any writer’s block and sometimes you don’t feel like working on your paranormal romance piece but feel like switching to your sci-fi romance piece or even your contemporary fiction. It’s fun when you can decide to be any one of your characters.

All of her tips are good, but it’s the ones you walk away with that are helpful to you.

J. Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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