The First Cut

Two weeks into my editing and I’ve already re-written a chapter. My main character found her voice so she was not satisfied as to how it was going, if you know what I mean.

I had to remember to stick to the same tense and not to overuse words and phrases. I have to limit beginning my sentences with the word she and be creative in how I describe the action in my story. There is so much to remember that it makes the editing harder than writing the book.

The novel is in the sci-fi romance genre and according to the publisher, you can’t get lost in the telling of the science fiction but concentrate on the romance between the two main characters. It’s hard when you feel compelled to get the reader excited.

When the sparks fly, it will happen. I’m so glad that there are different degrees of romance since I’m not sure to which level of romance I am willing or capable to write.

In any case, editing goes on and there is lots to do. Don’t give up as it is a daunting task. Don’t get attached to a piece of writing that is holding you back. Look at the overall picture and see if it fits. Don’t sacrifice a good piece of writing because you have grown to love a passage that isn’t working for your novel.

Most of all, love what you do. Remember that at the end of it all, you’ll have created a piece of literary art that can be enjoyed by all.

J. Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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