I am excited about the introduction to e-books.  Personally, I like to read the traditional way with a fresh, new book in my hands.  I still like to hunt the bookstores and libraries for the next world I would like to consume myself in.

However, I understand that people like to read on the go with a device that can hold many books at one time.  Can you imagine having four books in your purse at one time?  No way – which is why an eReader is required at that point and as a writer, you should cater to all types of readers instead of just the ones who enjoy the print format.

The only problem I have heard about when it comes to ebooks, is that authors are publishing his or her own work instead of going through a publisher.  What makes this a problem is that the quality of writing may not be to the standard that a publisher wants and readers are left reading material that is written in poor quality.

I am not sure if I agree with this statement or not.  I am  a book reviewer as well as a writer and I have reviewed books by new authors who have decided to self-publish.  I have read some great work and also some that need improvement.  I have also read published works from a publisher that I have not enjoyed so whose to say what is good quality or not?  Readers read what they like, whether the book is self-published or comes from a high end publishing house.

If you are confident that your work is well-written and feel like you can become successful as a self-published author, then go for it.  I suggest not turning your back on traditional publishers.  Although your work my be rejected, that is part of being a writer.  Keep submitting your work on the hopes it will be accepted.  There may be people who like your work and will accept it.  I would say to use both avenues when deciding what to do with your completed masterpiece.

The Writer’s Market, which is a book that is published every year, provides you with a list of publishers and agents.  The book also gives you information on the publishing industry.  Writing magazines such as The Writer and Writer’s Digest also give a list of potential publishers at the back of the magazine.

Two popular ebook sites, that can help you publish your book on your own, is lulu.com and smashwords.com (links are located at the right sidebar under Websites).  I was told of these two sites from authors who I have reviewed books for and I plan on using both of them.

I have two books that I have completed – a science fiction romance and a contemporary romance.  One is going to be submitted to a publisher and one is going to be self published.  I can’t wait to see what my results are and I will keep you posted on the outcome.

The point is don’t give up.  I wrote a blog on that subject and I am still sticking to it.  There are ways of getting your work out there to the public and to your potential fans.

Do it!  Get off your chair and write!


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