Jennifer Fales
ISBN 9781432778460
Outskirts Press

Don’t let this 108 page book make you think there is little storyline to be worth reading.  Shadows and Fire is packed with entertainment that keeps the reader turning the pages.

The preface in the book’s opening, gives insight into the background of the author’s world and gives you a heads up of the scene and atmosphere.  It takes you into the head of the author and makes you relive the world she created.
Shadows and Fire is a fantasy set in a parallel future, where brother and sister are determined to find each other.  The author describes their troubles and mishaps until they can find a way to unite.  The world is in chaos and all they are trying to do is get their family back together.

The plot was clear and believable and the story ran smoothly and able to be understood and enjoyed.  It appeared the main character was the brother, Laydon, who was orchestrating events in the story in order to aid his sister.

Jennifer Fales was able to portray the setting enough for the reader to immerse in her world.  The story was not bogged down with descriptions to take away from the story but concentrated on character development and the relationship withe the minor characters.

There are a few different points-of-view but it does not get confusing as to who is telling the story.  The reader gets to enjoy the character’s mannerisms and dialogue.

I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it to anyone who likes a great story.


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