Romance Finds You

It’s funny how life makes a turn. When I was younger, I wasn’t into romance. With all the transparent stories with never ending happy endings, I thought it was an unrealistic portrayal of love.

I read sci-fi, adventure, mystery, fantasy and the paranormal but realized to my surprise, that even some of my favorite genres had a hint of romance laced through the story.

I guess my first taste of romance led me to the Jackie Collins book “Hollywood Wives”. It was filled with wicked, juicy tidbits of human nature that gave me a different definition of romance and what it could be like. Then I read “Guilty Pleasures” by Laurell Hamilton and works from authors like Nora Roberts and Maggie Shayne who showed me other facets of the romance genre.

That’s when I realized not all romance novels had to be sweet and filled with happy endings. They also didn’t have to be your traditional contemporary or renaissance novel. I fell for the sci-fi romance, fantasy romance and the other sub-genres that took my breath away and steered me into that area of writing.

I was hooked at that point. Romance has grown, like a child into adulthood and still with room to blossom. It has flourished and paved the way for writers to be more daring and experimental. Readers have grown to love all kinds of romance.

Not only do I read it, apart from the rest of my favorite genres, but I love to write it too. Romance found me.

J. Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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