Happy New Year


As I sit at my computer, listening to the cold wind howling outside, I think of all the new creations that are stirring in my mind.  This New Year is going to bring amazing stories and animated characters that will come alive.  I will delve into the work of new authors, who will inspire me to showcase my work and develop myself as a writer.

I hope all veteran and aspiring writers will make 2013 a year for readers to enjoy fascinating works of literature and inspire those shy creators to expose themselves to the literary world.  Enjoy writing and reading groups, attend book signings or arrange your own, attend The Word on the Street this year, if you didn’t get a chance to attend last year.  Emerse yourself in the love of writing and reading because I know I will and I also hope to share it with you.

When I think of all the genres that we have at our disposal, there isn’t one type of book that someone is not going to enjoy.  Even non-fiction stories have topics that would have an interest to someone; from documentaries to do-it-yourself books and self-help books, there is something to keep you informed, make you more knowledgeable and help you to be entertained.  Even if books aren’t your style, there is a lot of reading material found on e-books and on the internet from websites, blogs, news sites and just plain surfing the web for fascinating tidbits.  I love how the world is powered by the written word.

I once read in a writing magazine that you should have more than one story on the go.  In case you start to run dry in ideas for one, you can continue your creative juices flowing in the second novel and always have a fresh outlook.  At first I thought it may be confusing and possibly get wrapped up in too many characters but when I found myself stuck at a concept in one story, it made the release to another story quite easy and refreshing.  I took the advice and at the end of last year, contined with one story while starting up another.  It would be interesting to see which story I finish first but it really helped to keep me focused and passionate about my work.

Happy Writing and Happy New Year!


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