One of the advice I have been given as a writer is write what you know. This also stems to write what you have a passion for. If you enjoy watching science fiction, then write about it. If you know about all the facets of mountain climbing, then write a drama or fantasy fiction that encompasses the experience of climbing a mountain.

Another word of advice was read, read, read. The more you do so, the more knowledge you have of writing styles and genres. I love to read and try to read something new when I can. It took me awhile to find my “voice” and even now I like to change it up a bit.

I have set up a poll. It would be interesting to see what you are interested in writing and what you are also interested in reading. Sometimes the two do not mix. For the longest time, I was interested in writing fantasy and romance with a light taste of sensuality. My reading ventures, however, have taken me to genres that I didn’t even know I would like.

Please take part and let’s see what comes of it.


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