Beautiful Creatures…A Book Review

Novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Book review by Jennifer Andrew

Beautiful Creatures

When I saw the preview of the movie, Beautiful Creatures, I loved the premise and since I also liked the genre, I had to read the book. I don’t know how good the movie is but the book was great. It was hard to put down since the characters seemed so alive to me. It’s good for teens and anyone who enjoys and appreciates a good story.

There are twists in the book that you couldn’t imagine. Ethan and Lena have a love that is not meant to be but they try to fight all odds to be together. Lena is a witch that has not yet been Claimed and the fear of it, almost tears her apart. Her crazy caster family doesn’t help when they don’t have the same view as mortals and there are things in the town of Gatlin that no one knows about as well as secrets in both Lena and Ethan’s family that emerge through the story.

Could you imagine having those types of colorful characters in your town? Deep down, I am sure everyone wants to have a taste of what the paranormal life is like. To be able to associate yourself with someone far removed from your normal life, would be exciting and a little nervous.

Characters like Ridley and Macon Ravenwood; Mrs. Lincoln and Amma, make the story come alive because they are so animated. The thick book nestled in my hands gave me comfort as I read about the dark tale that was spinning around me.

You won’t be disappointed. Beautiful Creatures will just lead you to the sequel, Beautiful Darkness.


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