Comics and Graphic Novels

We know that books and magazines are legitimate reading material, but are comics and graphic novels?

Even if you weren’t an avid reader, I am sure you had a comic book tucked away somewhere.

As a youth, I had an array of comics ranging from Archie and Richie Rich to Tales from the Crypt and Superman. It isn’t as big a thing for me now, with my interest in writing novels, short stories and blogging, but I still enjoy Comic-Con, free comic book day in May, watching the series Comic Book Men and reading certain comics.

Each comic or graphic novel tells a story, as much as any literary piece. For the visual person, the excitement of the tale is being immersed in the graphics as well. I have to admit that in a traditional novel, you rely on the description of the author to relay the emotions of the characters. In a comic book or graphic novel, the emotions are written all over the character’s face.

With the process of the traditional book teetering on the brink of e-books, will the graphic novel also succumb to that fate?

All I know is that graphic novels and comic books are not going to die out. If you’ve ever been to a convention, you’ll know what I mean.

Jenn Andrew, Writer & Book Reviewer


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