Picture Prompt #3


What would you do in this scenario?

On Wednesday, I had a dialogue exercise. If you did some work, good for you. This picture prompt can get you to come up with a dialogue that would be conducted between these two characters.

See what you can come up with.

Have fun and happy writing.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


2 responses to “Picture Prompt #3

  1. Hello, I noticed your blog in my tribe and I’m new to your prompts (but love writing flash fiction!). Do we post our stories on our own blogs? Link them through your comments? What’s the procedure? (I love the picture BTW)

    • Thank you for commenting and that’s a good question. My prompts are to get you working as a writer because I myself fall by the wayside and take too long a break to write. I would love to see some of the results of the prompts that I post on my blog. I could add a link where people can post their work or you can add a link to my prompt on your site so everyone knows where it generates from. I have to give it more thought. Thank you for getting my brain in gear.

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