Writing Scenario #2

I love writing stories but the hardest part is coming up with ideas for a plot. Right now, I have a storehouse of ideas written down in my writing journal but I just have to get to creating them into something bigger.

This exercise is to get you to think of ideas that can come to you from the world around you.

Look through old magazines, newspapers and blogs to see if you can come up with a storyline for a book or story. Listen to the news and to the stories you hear on the bus, at work or in the grocery story or mall.

See what you can create and let me know.

Be interesting and have fun.

Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


One response to “Writing Scenario #2

  1. I’ve got many ideas for plots too, it’s just trying to flesh them out into something bigger and worth writing. It’s challenging, but when it works, it works well.


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