A Bit About Me – JC (Jenn)

It’s funny where life puts you since writing was just a hobby to me instead of a passion. 

I was studying to be a researcher in the field of psychology but realized that I didn’t have enough money to go to school and OSAP was not an option at the time (it was so different back in the eighties).  After graduating high school, I decided to take some time off to work and save up the money to go back to school full time.  

Then I found a great full time job working at the bank in the credit card division, which utilized my research and writing skills, so I decided to go to school on a part-time basis.  It was disconcerting when I realized that the program I wanted to study did not offer the courses I needed to study at night therefore, I would have to quit my job to go to school during the day. 

This made me really think since the job I currently held did give me the resources to work on my research and writing skills, which is ultimately what I wanted, however, it was not in the psychological field as I had hoped.
Then, not too long afterwards, I met my ex-husband and school was pushed to the back of my mind while I tried to make a new life for myself.  In all that time, the love of writing increased as I found myself involved in playing Advanced Dungeon and Dragons where I was given the opportunity to create and write adventures for characters.  My ex-husband loved fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal as much as I did so we created worlds together and that’s where my writing passion started to take off.
I love to write and can’t get enough of it….blogging, on my website, on twitter and the fact that I love reading books and reviewing, just adds to the content I can write.  I feared what people would think, what my family would think, but in the end, it’s what adds to my joy of life.  To think that many people enjoy writing and publishing their work as much as I do, makes me feel as if I am a part of the literary family.
When I write, I pretty much write on my own.  Even after reading a few writing magazines that urge some writers to join groups and clubs to socialize with like-minded people, I still hesitate to do so. 

After the Word on the Street festival in September, I think I will make the plunge and join a small writing group.  I’ll see how it is and how it fits for me because I think if I felt as if I was part of a group, I won’t have that occasional feeling of being alone as a writer.
What do you do when you write?  Do you have a group?  Do you write alone?  Do you enjoy writing in your place or do you have to go somewhere else – anywhere else?

The fact that you are putting your creations on paper is a great beginning to the life of the writer.  Getting published is the next step and I don’t see anything against self-publishing as it gives readers the chance to read the works of untraditional books. 
Sometimes when you read someone’s blog, you don’t get an insight into who they are.  I wanted to share with you a little bit about myself.  I have been plugging away on my entries for weeks and prompts to help you to write but sometimes I like to remind you that there is a living person behind the typed words you read.  The closer you are to your blogger, the better you will understand what he or she writes (or so I hope J). 
Take care.  Keep writing.  Keep sending me comments, as I like them and they make me grow as a writer.
Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewerr


2 responses to “A Bit About Me – JC (Jenn)

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Writers have such colorful stories on how it all began:) i loved reading and finding out more about you/r love for the written word. I have loved reading since third grade, when the teacher would call on other children, I’d get so disappointed because I wanted to read every paragraph! I’ve written for many years and unlike you, I kept my work mostly hidden from my ex husband and my family because I feared critics. Wasn’t bad when I did reveal my passion. My ex loved and encouraged it:)

    Today, family acknowledges me as a writer, but, there are many creatives in the family, just none who want to spend time actually doing the work:) As you know I love poetry and still write in that genre, as well in several others. Don’t get this writer/introvert started from behind the computer screen, but, thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you for leaving a comment. I have been negligent to keep this blog current but I hope to get back on track. Family issues get in the way sometimes and lead you astray from your creativity.

      It’s good you had the courage to do what makes you happy. I’m glad that we are connected. Let’s keep writing and following our dreams.


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