Knowing When To Let Your Story Go

For the longest time, I attempted to edit my story but I couldn’t get myself to work on it for long. It turned out that I was getting bored of my own story and if I did, then my readers would.

I didn’t know what was wrong with it since it had the elements of a good story but I soon found out from a friend of mine, that it was missing that zing that women readers looked out for…and that’s the Desperate Housewives or Hollywood Wives feel to it.

I went back to my story and almost totally revamped it. I got rid of the first chapter and changed it completely. I changed two main characters to three instead and gave them all a back story that would make them all a lot more interesting. Even the good ones go astray so I made sure that my contemporary romance had characters that were real but had dramatic lives.

Don’t be afraid to change your story if you have to. Don’t fall in love with your story to the point of its own detriment. It was refreshing after I made the change and it gave me renewed joy and the feeling of accomplishment.

Happy writing!

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer


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