Writing Prompt – Dialogue


isn’t it so hard to write dialogue?  You want to make sure you don’t repeat yourself or you sound interesting to your readers.  You also want to make sure your dialogue stays in tune with the flow of your story.

I attached a little excerpt of dialogue and your writing prompt this week is to build on it.  Add some more dialogue and see how it turns out.


“We have choices, Gareth.  It doesn’t matter what happened, it’s what you do now.” She said, trying to shut her eyes from the mixture of fear and pleasurable pain that wracked through her.  She would have done anything for him.  He was blinded by the lust for dominance but she was blinded by him.

“It matters to me, Valery.” He said, loosening his grip.

Valery held her breath as his hand hovered over her throat.  She felt Gareth’s chilled caress as he brushed her left shoulder and stroked the length of her arm, sending an icy sensation throughout her motionless body.  He leaned closer, his cool breath making the hair at the nape of her neck stand on end.  “You must understand.  Too many obstacles barred my way to ascension.  With immortality, all paths are clear to me now.”


Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


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