Character Profiling

I read a great article by Patrick Scalisi, a journalist and magazine editor, that was about character profile.  He stated that if you are having difficulty developing your character then why not take the approach of a journalist.  Try writing a feature article about your character or sit your character down and ask interview questions to find out more about how he or she ticks.


I have a character in one of my stories I am writing who believes she is a hot shot at work.  Is she really or does she only believe herself to be.  Sometimes I lose my handle on her and not sure what direction she is coming from.  If I could sit her down and ask her some questions, it could really straighten some things out.

Ask your character questions such as Why did you go to work for a small firm instead of a large corporation who asked you to come and work for them?  Why did you tell your best friend that you were okay with it and you weren’t?  What makes you think you’re going to get away with cheating on your boyfriend?

These types of questions get you excited about putting your characters back into your story.  It gives them more depth and it keeps you writing.

A short break is okay but you don’t want to get into the habit of taking too many breaks or being away from your story for too long.  A refresher of pulling your characters out, putting them into the proverbial boardroom and asking them a bunch of questions to get their real character out.

Have fun with it.  Get to know your characters beside watching them on the page.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


2 responses to “Character Profiling

  1. ​Yes, we are getting lots of questions. And your questions have actually been helpful as we put the finishing touches on this exercise. Here’s where we are now – and some thinking behind it.

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