Can you write a travel article?


I’ve read that you could make money writing travel articles to submit to magazines.  I’ve always wanted to write for a magazine but I never know what kind of material would be interesting enough to post.  Travel seems to be interesting to everyone – from what hotels are good to stay in, what restaurants are affordable and what bars and lounges would appeal to certain age groups.

I also thought it would be an easy thing to do because all you really have to do is write about where you have been and what you have enjoyed while on the road.  The only problem I find is that you get distracted with having to write the article that you stop really enjoying your time away from home.  Unless, of course, travel writing is not for me.

I have been to Florida, Montreal, England and I have enjoyed local vacations in Ontario parks and events.  I think it would be a great idea to write about your travels to give everyone else a heads up on what he or she should be looking for when going on vacation.

If you are looking for places to submit travel writing articles or blog material, you might be interested in checking out this site:

If you are looking for people to write about travelling for your blog or website, here is a site you might be interested in:

These are just two sites but if you go to Google and search for sites looking for travel writers, I am sure you will find much more.

Turn your passion for travelling into a possible way of making money writing about where you like to visit – be it another country, province, dance bar, lounge or just an event in your city.

Write what you love.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


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