Inspiration….How To?

I am guilty of setting my writing aside for family and work, which has gotten the best of me. Being a part-time writer is hard for inspiration and dedication. It takes more effort than having to make a full-time living at it.

That’s why you have to find your inspiration when times are tough and when life interferes in your creativity. My favorite genres are science fiction, paranormal romance and fantasy. Now that shows such as The Originals, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People and Bitten are available, it gets you excited about the type of characters you can create and what they would do in unpredictable circumstances.

It seems like the paranormal and scientific type shows are in abundance on television. We are intrigued by the supernatural and the oddities of what life brings. I guess living day to day is too normal for everyone so we want to either see the way an abnormal group of people live their lives or we want to see the “what if” aspect of life.

Either way, this is your opportunity to add your own story into the mix of these popular genres. What kind of character do you want to unleash in the world? A witch who has lost her way, a demon who wants to change his ways or a vampire looking for his lost love?

What would you do? The fun part of being a writer, part or full-time, is being able to contribute your piece of literature. Don’t waste your talent. Tell us your story.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer


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