Writing Prompt – Jan 29

I wrote a few poems in my day and the best thing about it was releasing pent up emotions.

Write a poetic piece of a situation that left you full of strong emotion.

I wrote this poem at a young age when I felt lost in who I was and when I was learning about how other people are. It is also the name of one of my other blogs.

Self…In The Making

I peel off the mask I wear today,
for it is just a shadow of my soul.
I discard it for yet another day,
while I decide which path to go.

The faces I wear, too many,
until my time to choose.
Molded from uncertainty,
to yet be etched in stone.

The long road well traveled,
has yet more paths to bare.
Fingers cascading forward,
to a destination unclear.

I must wait to see the answer,
to see the outcome of my past.
When all things come together,
I will wear no mask.

Let’s see what poems you can put together.

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer


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