Back to Beginnings

I remember when I started my book. I was happy when I finished the first draft and now I am on to the editing.

Life Is Fiction


Beginnings are exciting, and I’ve already mentioned that I have a lot of them ahead of me. Beginning of postgrad life, beginning of work, beginning of moving out on my own… but the most important of them all is that for me, tonight is the beginning of a new book.  My new project is something I’m more excited about than I’ve ever been for a project before – partly because I love the idea, and partly because I know so much more about writing, about crafting stories, than I ever have before.  That’s what happens when you spend time working at something, you get better.

I’ve written about beginnings before.  I’ve talked about how they’re sometimes the hardest part, how getting up and starting something, getting into a routine, can be difficult.  But beginnings can be exciting too.

Sometimes beginnings can be easier than anything else – we’re free, we can start from…

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