Totally Bound Publishing Submissions

Are you looking to submit your romantic or sensual work? Totally Bound Publishing might be the publisher for you. For details, check out their website at If you have any questions, please send them an email located at their website.

Manuscript Requirements

They look for creative storytelling and original style. They want you to weave tales of erotic romance through creating strong, dynamic and intelligent characters that your readers will remember. Plot driven erotic romances that illustrate the relationship between key characters, ideally with a happy ending, but if not it should be promising.

They want varying degrees of sex throughout the story, with lots of opportunity for erotic exploration, interwoven with levels of tension and passion (take a look at their heat rating info). They want meaningful and expressive language that is explicit, but suitable for the storyline. They want writers who have a unique and new approach and a writing style that sets you apart from the rest. You must have a true talent for storytelling with an erotic slant. They accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual stories.

They only accept electronic communication. So, it’s essential that you send your script to them in e-format. They will only accept the following:

– Detailed synopsis of your book
– The full and complete manuscript sent in standard 12 pt font. Book Antiqua preferred.
– Generally they accept any size of story from 10,000 to 125,000 words (see the book length info).

Books will be published only if author owns all rights. Include your name, pen-name and contact e-mail in the Query Letter and Synopsis.
Send the submissions package to
Publishing Rights: Your submission must have full rights available, including both digital and print. If not, please don’t send it to them.

What’s not acceptable:
– NO paedophilia.
– NO rape as titillation. They accept that it may sometimes be used as part of a plotline, especially supporting character development, but definitely not for the use of getting your rocks off!
– NO bodily functions – i.e. watersports, toilet play!
– NO necrophilia. The dead definitely don’t do it for us – of course, we don’t count the bloodsucking undead variety!
– NO bestiality. This does not apply to shape-shifters and might not apply to certain breeds from a sci-fi perspective.

If you think your erotic romance novel is ready for the big leagues, don’t be afraid to contact the publisher and see how it goes.

Jennifer Andrew
Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer
“Information found on Goodreads”


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