Picture Prompt – Cosplay

I had a chance to attend the Fan Expo Canada 2014 in Toronto last weekend and it was amazing.  I was able to meet Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Yaya Han.  I also got the opportunity to play the Pathfinder RPG game as a female elven Rogue.  I hope to definitely attend next year – August 2014.

One of the things that was amazing to me were all the people who were passionate in dressing up as his or her favourite characters.  There were anime characters, video game characters, steampunk style outfits, horror, fantasy, and you name it – they had it.



Write a short fiction of a cosplay outfit that you have worn.  If you have never worn a costume, write about a character that you would love to cosplay as and why?  If you think about it, it’s no different from dressing up for Halloween.  The only difference is that it isn’t in the month of October.


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