Book Review: The Devil’s Detective



The Devil’s Detective by Simon Kurt Unsworth
Reviewed by Raul

It is uncanny how a writer can so easily create a work that revitalizes a genre and sends it in a new direction simultaneously leading the reader on a breathless chase after clues that reassert the book’s place as a solid detective mystery. And this is a noir mystery, no doubt – the darkest you can imagine for it is set in Hell and there can be no blacker place for murder and deception.

Thomas Fool is an Information Man charged with investigating crimes that have attracted Hell’s notice. Crimes, of course, occur all the time in Hell: murder, rape, brutality of all sorts, but Fool is sent to investigate only those that are noticeable. He is informed of these crimes with red ribbon wrapped tubes and the majority of his work is stamping the notices of crimes as “DNI”…

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