My apologies for being away from my website and neglecting the readers who have stuck by me to read my work and urge me to continue on.  I have had many personal issues in the last several months but would like to say that I hope to make up for it.

When I was younger I was much into my comic books but I had set them aside for in depth novels.  I have come to realize that those comic books and graphic novels still holds some great material.  The good thing about the graphic novels and series is that you don’t have to make your way through a 300 page novel, but have a taste of a small adventure.  If it is a continuous series, you are excited to wait and see what comes next.

In the recent weeks, I have delved into some new hobbies that have helped me get through some of my family strife.  The world of steampunk is becoming fascinating to me, as I like the Victorian era and the gears and mechanics that look so cool together.  One such work is by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel in a series called Lady Mechanika.

Lady Mechanika No. 1 – The Tablet of Destinies
Created by Joe Benitez
Story by M.M. Chen
Art by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel

lady M

I like the strong female lead character in this series.  Lady Mechanika happens to be the sole survivor of a mad scientist’s horrible experiments, which left her with mechanical limbs – hence the name.  Working as a private investigator, she solves cases the authorities can’t or won’t handle but she never stops looking for her own answers.  The series is set in a fictionalized steampunk turn of the century England.

In the first issue, at first glance, you believe that the story is about researchers and archaeological explorers out to seek knowledge and to locate a rare item or possibly something else.  There is more to the story as someone’s life is in danger.  Lady Mechanika not only has to save that person’s life but she must do it while solving this mystery.

There is a lot of excitement that keeps you reading until the last page and the artwork is so vibrant and very professional.

There are six issues in the series for The Tablet of Destinies so look out for the rest.

For more artwork and information about this brilliant series, check out the website

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer







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