The Toronto Word on the Street was a success yet again!

word on the street

This year it was hosted at The Harbourfront, from last year’s location from Queen’s Park.  I have to admit that some people were not impressed at the new location and hoped that it would only be temporary.  The booths were a little congested which made it seem more crowded than usual, but some events were held in the buildings.  The indie writers had the opportunity to be seen more instead of being left near the food trucks as in previous years.  The booths were closer and they received more exposure.

This is a great festival for anyone who loves literature and exposure to Canadian authors.  The weather was great and you had the opportunity to speak first hand to aspiring and veteran authors.  There were good sales and also graphic novelists sharing their work.

This type of festival is also good for the youth and volunteering.  For parents with high school children who require his or her 40 hours of volunteering to graduate, The Word on the Street is a great way to bank in some hours.  Before, during and after the festival, volunteers are needed for every step of the way to make this festival as great as it is.

This is my fourth year volunteering with Word on the Street.  I started volunteering with my daughter in order for her to receive some volunteer hours and now we both love volunteering.  For the last three years, I volunteered at the Information Booth which was quite busy.  I helped many people find where they had to go and provided maps, guides and merchandise.  I purchased a great Word on the Street T-shirt that promoted the reading of books instead of watching TV all the time.

vibrant voices of ontario tent 2015

This year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Vibrant Voices of Ontario tent.  Many authors came out to read a passage from his or her book as well as answer questions about their books.

If you are interested in how the event was so successful this year, check out this link:  Word on the Street Sept 2015

Jennifer Andrew
Book Reviewer, Blogger and Freelance Writer


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