Shield The Calvary

The one thing I enjoy is having one of my favourite shows turned into literature. When Agents of Shield populated the television network, I was willing to give it a chance because I enjoy the action, fantasy comic hero based show and I love Marvel.  For the first season, we were kept in the dark on why Agent May was the Calvary.  In the last season, we were given more information about her history and background as a Shield Agent.

Now that the comic has come out, it makes reading about her past all that more enjoyable.  Although I am a big fan of books, I also enjoy reading comic books as it is only a visual part of reading.  For me, reading any literature whether in a novel, in a graphic novel or a non fiction, is a great form of reading enjoyment.

In this special 50 Years of Shield issue with Agent Melinda May, The Cavalry, the page starts off as a police file showing her code name and status.  The issue is about Agent May bringing out some new recruits for some rough training out in the field but it doesn’t go as planned.

The Calvary - Shield - inside

It’s refreshing to read about a strong female character and good to see more of them on television.  Times have changed where women are in leading roles, both in action and superhero fiction.

Jennifer Andrew
Book Reviewer and Freelance Writer


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