Wonder Woman ’77 Special Graphic Novel

I freaked out when I realized that this graphic novel or comic book as some would call it, was in existence.  Wonder Woman ’77 Special has several stories from the classic days of the Wonder Woman television series.  The art is true to form and it looks so much like Lynda Carter.

wonder woman

I grew up with Wonder Woman and I never missed a showing of the television series each week.  With shows like Charlie’s Angels and Bionic Woman, it was the days where women were put in position of strength, intelligence and importance.  They weren’t left by the sidelines being secretaries or nurses any more, but they were crime fighters and bringers of justice.  She is an icon, a strong woman who anyone can look up to.  She stands for Justice, truth and standing up for, not only yourself but for others.

ww page

The first issue has a couple of stories in it and once you start reading, you can’t put the book down.  I was amazed at how brilliant the colors were and how exciting the stories were.  It was just like watching the good old Woman Woman episodes you loved as a youth.  The cover is amazing and it shows exactly how she was back in the day.  The pages are good quality and thick so it is definitely worth your money.  Issue #2 is out and I can’t wait to ready the next instalments.

At the end of the book is a history of the show Wonder Woman and the future of the iconic superhero. An action movie with the famous character, Wonder Woman, is going to appear in the 2016 movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and then we are going to be lucky enough to witness her very own movie coming June 2017.  I really hope Hollywood does her justice and depicts her as the awesome, strong, intelligent character that she is.

Not all men are heroes, women are heroes too!

Jenn Andrew
Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer


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