VAN HELSING – 10th Anniversary

I have been reading Zenescope comics for awhile and I have enjoyed their work and the graphics. I also enjoy the paranormal so this comic is right down my alley.


This special does not disappoint. Liesel is going to attempt to change history. It’s a cross between Van Helsing and H.G. Wells time machine. The graphics are clear and colorful and the storyline is easy to read.

It gives you more of a story about her background and where the character originated from. With the other comic issues, you followed the storyline with only a little to go on so this is a pleasant surprise.


There’s action too, as in a typical Lara Croft style of writing and adventuring. It’s great to see strong  female characters that aren’t just wonder woman in the comics. If you have a good story and believable characters, it doesn’t matter who the hero is.

Jenn Andrew
Writer, Book Reviewer & Gamer


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