Buried in comics is sometimes what I feel like, when there are so many new ones coming in.  In my teens, when I spent many days in the library, I surrounded myself with books and comic books.  Reading material is all I craved and it didn’t matter what venue it derived from.

Getting older, I seemed to have shied away from the comics, leaning more towards adult books and places like Chapters.  I’ve come to realize that graphic novels, trade paperbacks and comics have always been in the light and should be just as appreciated as traditional books.  With the rise of kindle and electronic books, you can also receive your favourite comics digitally.

My favorite hobby shop, where I get my board games and comics from, as well as play several events, gives me the opportunity to set aside your comics as they come in, so we can pick them up.  With so many on my list, I just get bombarded with them.


Ink! Alter Egos Exposed


Hugh Dillon who has played characters such as Mike Sweeney in Durham County and Ed Lane in Flashpoint.  He hosts an excellent show on comics – past, present and future.  We hear from legendary Stan Lee as well as many of the illustrators and artists that write and draw the comics we have grown up with and come to love.  You can get it on demand or you can try the following links:

It’s very entertaining and it makes you feel like comics are just as important to read as books.



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