Masquerade of Lies by Wendy Hinbest

Masquerade of Lies is a youth fiction in the mystery genre that has an involving plot.  When Hanna and her mother moved to California to start a new life, Hanna thought she could leave her old one behind but she finds that you can’t truly run from your past.  When Hanna befriends a group of girls, her life starts taking an unusual turn.


For a new author, her book was on the ball of youth fiction.  The characters were vibrant and individualistic which made you either hate them or love them.  One of the main characters, Claire Miller, was a definitive mean girl, bossing her friends around so she could keep a grip on her inner circle.  Hanna Clark just wanted to fit in but sometimes being part of the popular group could get you into trouble. 

The title is so appropriate to the story because there are so many lies that the reader has to decipher what is fact and what is hidden from the other characters, which makes for good reading.   Wendy displays the mean girl so well.  Claire is dead on as she is depicted exactly as a cruel, selfish girl would be, who suffers for attention.  The dialogue is youth oriented and made for the focused age group.

I loved reading the book because just when you think you know who the killer is, something happens to make you doubt your choices.



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